What he does

He says openly what he thinks about drugs. He does so without the presumption of claiming to know everything. With the certainty that not everyone thinks as he does. But, living in a country where (perhaps) freedom of expression is still a right, he expresses and defends his certainties.

He actively cooperates with any body and association of any ethnicity, religion or political faction. Drug prevention and the future of youth is not a monopoly of some or the state. It is a civic duty regardless of the color of one's skin or the dress one wears.

  • More than 1,000,000 young people attended a drug prevention lesson
  • 500 StupeFatto (Stoned) Show seen by 300,000 students nationwide
  • 75,000 students watched a prevention video
  • 200,000 students have read the book StupeFatto (Stoned)