Why is Rico involved in such initiatives?

Because, as Rico says, even if only one out of many young people who attended one of the various prevention activities stopped using drugs or didn't start, it was still worth it.

Because too many friends have died. To help their families. For all those people who want to help a relative or friend but don't know how to do it.

Because he does this too often when addressing groups of students, he asks, "Who among you, before today, has attended any prevention class?" Very few people, and sometimes no one raises their hand. It is very likely that all they know about the subject is "from their friend," who uses drugs and may also peddle them.

Because it is the only viable way (that he knows of) to "discourage" drug use.

Because it's 2023. More and more young people are using drugs, and the average age at which they begin is decreasing with each passing year. This means that what has been done to date has either been ineffective or too little has been done in order to curb this phenomenon.

Because those who take drugs do not only destroy themselves.

Because he believes that many young people who have a good understanding of what drugs are will decide not to use them.

Because... why not?