Our main prevention activity consists of face-to-face lectures. That is, the speaker speaks directly to the audience.

Meetings are held in schools, oratories, libraries and other youth centers.
But not only that, evening meetings for adults are also frequent. Parents are the "first actors" in their children's delicate educational journey.

We often organize multifaceted projects involving multiple speakers: former alcoholics, doctors, law enforcement officers and even parents.

Who organizes these meetings?

Ordinary people, students, parents or teachers. If you want you can do it too. Write an email to receive more information: (info[at]stupefatto[dot]it)

An effective, cost-minimizing prevention activity is the purchase of 5 copies of the bestseller STUPEFACT - ...I was 14 years old, the drug was much older than me...

An easy 2-hour reading suitable for teenagers. Many schools use one copy for multiple classes and then develop additional pathways adoptable within the Civics subject. Afterwards you can write to the author to ask specific questions.

It is important to emphasize the importance of student participation. Teachers amaze themselves with their attention and participation even in "difficult" cases. For more information send an e-mail to: (info[at]stupefatto[dot]it).